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any believe in this

Posted by Khoo Lih-Han on 22 May, 2008 at 9:16AM

Category: Geomancy / Fengshui

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Answered on 23 May, 2008 at 4:06AM

Hi, I think the important thing eventually is still making sure that you are
happy and comfortable in your home.

More often than not, it is about creating for yourself a conducive environment
in which you can achieve your pursuits of success effectively.

So if you believe Fengshui or Geomancy can help you with that, by all means
seek consultation. :)

  • Kor Shu Yen

Answered on 23 May, 2008 at 11:52AM

have not engaged one but to some extend it works. some of my friends have good
reviews....can try new trend lifestyle pte ltd...they have a lot of branches all
over singapore. chinese name is yuan zhong xiu. i only tried for personal
improvement items. i can feel some difference before and after their

  • Ang Hoe Kiat

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