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Is it alright to buy a very original conditioned HDB unit being taken & sale by bank? Does it means that unit has bad fengshui, with previous own heavily in debt, unable to pay loan. Will the future owner absorb the bad chi of the house?

Posted by Soon Hiang Lim on 27 Aug, 2013 at 11:10AM

Category: Geomancy / Fengshui

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Answered on 28 Aug, 2013 at 1:55AM

You need to know your BaZi (four pillars of destiny or eight characters) before
you can apply feng shui. Each of us has different fate, luck cycles and
pre-determined obstacles that govern our life. If you are using feng shui in
your buying process, think location.

If in doubt, consult feng shui practitioner and get feng shui audit done for
your potential property. Note that there are different schools of feng shui in
the market. Get yourself educated about them to know which one is ideal to your

Then again, if you have stable job and strong financial standing, you are
indeed lucky and should not be worry at all. You can fetch a good deal from

  • Jeffrey Ning

Answered on 27 Aug, 2013 at 9:32AM

Hi sir,usually depend on yourself.if you feel ok,should no problem purchase the
property taken back by hdb/ bank,GOOD LUCK

  • MR Rick Chua

Answered on 28 Aug, 2013 at 3:09AM

Dear Mr Lim,

From the way you have presented your question here
i believe you are more a believer of fengshui

so i reckon , it will be better to engage and ask a qualified fengshu
practitioner or master in this field

cheers and good luck



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